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Do you need to sell surplus restaurant equipment, commercial, industrial or personal property? We make selling safe and easy. We specialize in:

  • Restaurant / Bar Equipment
  • Bakery / Deli Equipment
  • Yogurt / Ice Cream Equipment
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Hotel Equipment
  • School Equipment

With our warehouses in many states, RestaurantAuctions.com is able to effectively market your assets to a wide audience. We work with small business owners, individuals, banking institutions, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors and more. We will be opening more warehouses in the near future across the USA.

What are the benefits of selling through RestaurantAuctions.com?

  • RestaurantAuctions.com employees are professional and handle every aspect of your sale from start to finish with no out of pocket costs to you.
  • Auctions are an exciting, interactive environment for buyers, which leads to a greater return on your assets.
  • The seller gets extensive marketing for the equipment/property being sold.
  • We have buyers. 10,000's of registered bidders want to purchase your items now!
  • The seller knows exactly when their items will be sold and when they will receive their overnight payment.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment please use our Contact Us Page or you can call us for a free appraisal.

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RestaurantAuctions.com is your best resource for selling your restaurant equipment, industrial equipment, commercial equipment, personal property and more!
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